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10 Massage Gifts That Keep on Giving

From the desk jockey, to the high heel wearer, to the gym junkie, most people have experienced the aches, pains and stiffness that can result from our daily activities.

We live in a world which fosters sitters, meaning we sit the majority of our lives most often hunched over a desk or phone or tablet. This causes fatigue, tension and stiffness on a daily basis, and sometimes can even result in more serious inefficiencies in movement and long-term discomfort.

Many of us try to combat all of this sitting by going for a run or to the gym after work. Some of us become weekend warriors, and go all out doing mud runs and obstacle races and whatever we can sign up for, which can also result in strained muscles, aches and pains.

You probably also have friends or relatives who are involved in serious endurance events or athletics, and who want to focus on training hard and recovering quickly.

Odds are, most of the people on your gift-giving list fall into one or more of these categories. So what better gift to give this year than the gift of relief, recovery, and ultimately a higher level of wellness and performance year round?

So lets target who on your list, and which gifts are the best fit-

For The One Who Works Long Hours on Her Feet


The MobiPoint Massage Ball provides immediate relief from pain and stiffness in the feet. Roll away discomfort anytime, anywhere. The compact size is ideal for those on-the-go. (and makes it the perfect stocking stuffer!)


Is a daily foot massage in order? Try the NANO Foot Roller. Designed to mimic a foot massage, it increases flexibility while easing muscular aches and pains in the feet.

For The Runner or Cyclist


The MB5 Massage Ball (5″ diameter) is the perfect size to target runner and cyclist pain points, including tight hips, hamstrings, and glutes. Use before a run to prepare muscles and reduce chance of injury, or post-run to help accelerate recovery reduce soreness. It can also be used to release tight shoulders, upper back, chest and traps. The MB5 can be thrown in a bag or backpack and goes anywhere to help alleviate soreness when needed most.

For The One Who Loves a Good Back Massage (and who doesn’t?)


TriggerPoint CORE solid foam roller, available in both 18- inch and 36- inch lengths, is a great entry-point into foam rolling. It also makes for a great back and spine massage. The 36-inch version can be used to support and roll the entire spine. Either size can be used for massaging tight muscles and kinks in the upper back, legs and hips to reduce soreness, improve flexibility, and aid in recovery.

For The One Who is Always on the Go


The GRID STK and GRID STK X are perfect for the runner, cyclist or weekend warrior on your list. These hand-held foam rollers are designed to roll, release and relieve minor aches and pains. They also foster recovery, so that runner or cyclist can get back to doing what they love faster!


This athlete might also like The MB1 Massage Ball (2.6\diameter), which provides direct deep tissue compression to specific areas (such as the pecs, glutes and shoulders). Or the MBX Massage Ball, which is firmer than the MB1, for more intense compression and relief from extreme discomfort and pain.

For the one who lives at the gym


The GRID Foam Roller is ideal for anybody who wants to move better, relieve sore muscles and recover faster. Your gym-going, fitness fanatic friend can use the GRID daily to increase range of motion and get better workouts, and then to roll through knots and tight muscles when the work is done.


For a higher-end premium option, The Performance Collection offers a convenient self-care kit to empower dedicated athletes to improve flexibility, range of motion and tissue strength while addressing muscle tightness. Kit includes two TP Massage Balls and sleeve, a Footballer to release lower leg and foot tightness, and the Quadballer to provide firm, targeted compression to the quads, IT bands and hamstrings.

Everyone deserves to move better and feel great. And you might even find that you want to pick up one or two of these gifts to treat yourself in 2017. Happy Shopping and Happy Healing!