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Woman foam rolling her upper back on a gym mat in a bright grey gym
Vibration Foam Rolling - The New Superhero in Fitness

Vibration foam rolling is more important than ever. With CrossFit gyms, SoulCycle, and intensity training rising to the forefront of the fitness world, both athletes and non-athletes alike find themselves pushing their bodies to the limit. We’re training harder than ever – we’re running faster, we’re moving quicker. But are we recovering better? What are we doing to take care of our muscles? 

What Really Happens When You Foam Roll?

Woman foam rolling her calf on a gym mat in a bright grey gym

Foam rolling, in essence, is a deep tissue massage that releases painful knots and stimulates the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles. This process is also known as “Myofascial Release.” Foam rolling is extremely important both before and after a workout to help speed up recovery and enhance performance. But beginners can tell you that foam rolling, especially when you start, isn’t soothing or relaxing. 

As you roll you compress overworked and tired muscles, and this pressure on tender muscles can cause discomfort. Unfortunately, for many of those who are new to foam rolling, this discomfort can cause them to quit rolling altogether. 

Our TriggerPoint trainers have noticed the same phenomenon in their gyms. They know that the benefits of foam rolling are huge – it helps their clients recover faster and move and feel better, but many of their clients are intimidated by rolling.


- Marc Coronel, Sylvie Patrick