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How To Add Foam Roller Stretches To Your Morning Routine

Foam rolling every day, may just help keep the doctor away. One of the best ways to add foam roller stretches into your daily routine is to check it off first thing in the morning. When we wake up, our fascial tissues are less mobile due to non-movement during our sleeping hours. They have a higher viscosity and are stickier as a result. Foam rolling in the morning helps rehydrate these tissues, making them less sticky and more mobile, with an increased ability to glide over one another. Studies show that when we move with tissues that are stuck, it may cause pain and discomfort, while slippery or hydrated tissue from foam roller stretches help us move with more freedom.

Read on and follow our how-to video for our top moves for your morning routine, featuring the TriggerPoint MobiPoint Massage Ball and GRID Foam Roller


  • The jaw is one of the muscles that we use most throughout the day, but never give any TLC. Starting with a slack jaw, use your MobiPoint Massage Ball to massage in small circles around your jaw. Use enough over-pressure and slow movements in the beginning and then increase the rate of speed to enhance blood flow. You can also hold the MobiPoint in place and open and close your jaw. Spend about 15 seconds on each side.


  • Move the MobiPoint near your temple and slowly massage in a diagonal line back and up along the length of your head. This is a very sensitive area, so move slowly and use mild to moderate pressure. Spend about 15-seconds per side to help prevent headaches and discomfort.


  • Start with a relaxed jaw and hold the MobiPoint under your jaw angle. Roll along the jaw line with moderate pressure. When you feel the sensitivity, hold and begin opening and closing your jaw. Do this for 15 seconds per side. This is especially helpful for anyone with TMJ.


  • Take the MobiPoint between your hands press your palms together, focusing on any sore area. Circulation is slowed during sleep and this is a great way to get blood flowing back into your hands. Go from slow to fast for around 15-30 seconds.


  • Drop the MobiPoint on the floor and roll along your entire foot. Focus on sore areas like the heel and arches. Start slowly, but speed up, as it is important to activate the tissues, readying your body for the demands of the day.


  • Massage the back of your neck with the MobiPoint, focusing on any tight and sore areas. Also consider massaging this area throughout your day, as this is an area where we tend to hold stress.


  • Using your GRID foam roller, foam roll calves by starting at the heel and moving towards the back of the knee, pausing at sore areas. Continue this for about 30 seconds per leg.


  • Moving the GRID up your leg to your hamstring, continue rolling and hold the position at sore areas for longer when needed. Foam roll hamstrings for about 30 seconds per leg.


  • Place the GRID under your glute, with the same leg crossed over your opposite knee. The trick here is to lean toward the side your foam roller stretches so that you can really focus on the glute muscle. Repeat on opposite leg.


  • Position the GRID just below your shoulder blades, focusing on the upper back to avoid any unnecessary stress on the spine. Continue to roll slowly toward your shoulders with your head in your hands. You may also sweep your arms over head to increase mobility in the muscles supporting your spine.


  • With the GRID behind your neck, rock your head back and forth slowly with deep pressure, massaging the base of the neck and supporting tissues.


  • Place the GRID under your tailbone and extend your arms and legs as far as you can, allowing your hip-flexors to stretch and relax. Raise your arms overhead for an added stretch.

Spinal Rotation

  • Roll to your side, bringing your knees to 90 degrees and squeezing the GRID between your knees. Sweep your top arm overhead in an arching motion from front to back. Continue this sweeping motion at least 5 times per side.


  • Start in a kneeling position and place the GRID on the floor in front of you. Sit back on your heels and extend your arms on top of the roller. In one smooth motion, roll down your arms, while pressing your chest to the floor. Slow and hold the stretch with your arms fully extended and chest near the floor.


  • Place the GRID under your abdomen, while keeping your belly soft. Rolling along the abdomen helps keep the tissues that surround the organs mobile and active as well.


  • Wrap up your morning routine by rolling out the quads. Lie down in plank position and place the GRID just above the knee. Continuing rolling up toward the hip. Once at the hip, bend your leg and try and reach your foot. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat on each side.

With the assistance of products like TriggerPoint’s MobiPoint Massage Ball and GRID Foam Roller, you can get your day started with loose and agile muscles. Get ahead of knots and injuries by following this guide on how to add easy foam roller stretches to your morning routine.