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  • The TriggerPoint™ CHARGE™ Vibe Vibrating Massage Roller and its vibration technology helps to reduce muscle pain and tension.
  • Triggerpoint Charge Vibe has been designed to replicate effective massage techniques
  • Triggerpoint Charge Vibe helps to reduce pain and provides more effective muscle recovery process
  • Triggerpoint Charge Vibe is 7 inches tall and 2 lbs
  • The Triggerpoint Charge Vibe can be used for calves, peroneals, thoracic spine and biceps
  • Comparison of the different types of Triggerpoint foam rollers
  • The TriggerPoint™ CHARGE™ Vibe Massage Roller, viewed from the front, combines the CHARGE™ pattern with vibration.
  • A man in a gym uses the the TriggerPoint™ CHARGE™ Vibe Vibrating Massage Roller's vibration technology on his back.

The TriggerPoint™ CHARGE™ Vibe Vibrating Massage Roller helps to reduce the sensation of pain and provides quicker muscle recovery. Its compact design includes elevated and opposing curves to replicate effective massage therapy techniques and accelerate post-workout recovery time. 

● Combining the CHARGE™ pattern and multi-speed vibration technology delivers a powerful massage experience that
helps your muscles recover faster
● Vibration technology helps to reduce muscle pain and tension
● Elevated and opposing curves replicates effective massage therapy techniques
● High and wide ridges stretch the muscles, high and narrow ridges squeeze muscles as you roll to increase circulation to
hard-to-reach muscle tissue
● Measures 7 x 4 inches and weighs 2 pounds
● Rechargeable battery can last up to two hours
● AC charger included
● Backed by 1 year limited warranty